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Patron of Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce

Businesses to Benefit from Water Market Change in England

Manchester City Council case study

Energy Live 2016

Public Sector Show 2016

The Water Event 2016

Emex 2016

Key agreement signed

Public Sector Day 2017

Energy Live Consultancy Conference 2017

Water Plus First Birthday

TELCAs 2017

public sector show 2017

public sector show 2017 blog

RWM 2017

water event 2017 blog

water event 2017 blog 2

water event 2017 blog 3

Expo Live 2017

Phew what a scorcher

MEUC - BUU Magazine

Reducing complaints and delays in the market for customers

Waterwise Partnership

Water Watch: Who is responsible for fixing leaks?

Insulate your business from bursts

Water Watch: Safeguarding your water supply

Thousands of businesses affected by water supply loss but many unprepared, research reveals

Press Release - Innovation

Water Watch: Managing a supply interruption

Case study: QMUL

Reducing complaints further and helping customers

Scottish sports group PR

New research: make a water plan to be prepared

MEUC winter tips article

Steps we're taking to help customers and limit the imapact of Coronavirus

Our Environmental steps and support

Water tips for temporarily closed businesses


Energy Live Consultancy Conference 2018 ELCC

TELCA 2018

About us

About us

Our History


Water competition



Fresh Thinking Hub

Fresh Thinking Hub

Can I switch my business water?

13 creative habits of successful business people

Which industries are ripe for disruption?

Business interruption insurance

Getting started: how to manage your business water account online

Getting started: finding your account number

Who are Water Plus

3 really easy ways to pay your business water bill

Water Event - panel blog

Water Event -Sainsbury's blog

Water Event - Stuart presentation blog

Winter Tips Blog

Fight the Freeze

Energy Live Personality Awards

ELCC 2018 - Tony presentation

Case Study - Kinect Energy

Infographic - Water Plus - Leaks: The Hidden Loss

The Hospitality Forum 2018

Surface water & highway drain blog

Loss from a burst pipe

Farmers blog

Manufacturing sector seeing the plus side

Is your small business ready for winter

Water Saving Gadgets Blog

How to get smart meter for my business

Market Guide

Drinking Water Blog

Contingency planning blog 1

Annual Price Change Blog

Contingency Planning Blog

Innovation: what to include in your application

Innovation: The categories

Innovation: How to develop your idea

Innovation: Four steps to a perfect pitch

Innovation: Blog advice and innovation interviews hub

Wholesaler and retailer responsibilities

Innovation: Nicci Russell interview

Amazing facts about water

Water saving tips for golf courses

How can care homes save water?

Innovation: why is innovation important for businesses?

Water saving ideas for cafes

Water saving tips for small businesses

Water saving tips for large businesses

Cornwall Insight - Should I self supply

Why it helps to pay by Direct Debit

Things you didn't know about swimming pools

Winning with Water - the quick way to save your sports club money

Summer water-saving do's and don'ts

How we can support savings for councils

What's so great about an online account

Go with the flow: your employees want you to save more water

Fight the flood: How your business can prepare for flooding

Businesses unprepared for water outages

Allotment water saving tips

Thank you Christmas charity sponsors

Dive into Data

Help and Support

Help and Support

Water & wastewater

Efficiency & saving money

Switching to us

Former severn trent and united utilities customers

Wanting to leave us?

Why switch?

Can I switch?

All about water meters

How to find and read your business' water meter

Issues with your water quality

Water supply issues

Pipes, drains and sewers explained

Water efficiency tips

Efficiency services

Find your wholesaler

Water management

Case studies

Business water market changes

Business water rates

Measured charges

Measured charges

Reducing your wastewater bill

Site area concessionary scheme

Water charge exemption scheme

How we measure your chargeable area

Reducing your wastewater bill

How we measure your chargeable area

Unmeasured charges

Site area concessionary scheme

Site area charges

Water charge exemption scheme

Site area charges

Unmeasured charges

Standard company information for key customers

Charging for vacant properties

Provider of last resort

What you need to know

VAT, SIC codes and your water bill

Standby Booking

Live rateable values

Retail charges in Scotland

Retail Exit

Birmingham Resilience Project

No water or low water pressure

Who is my water supplier?

Deemed contracts

Pay your bill straight away

Price Changes 2020/2021

Non Primary Charges

Terms and Conditions Update

Innovation terms and conditions

Innovation terms and conditions





My Bills - Water Plus

Direct Debit

Our Services

Our Services

Small businesses

Large businesses

Brokers and Consultants

Essential services

Our products for small and medium sized businesses

Advanced services

Letter of authority

Information for your customers

Information for brokers and consultants

Get cheaper business water rates today


Advanced Water Services

Measure and manage your water

Save water, save money

Protect your water supply

Connection services

Scotland Save Water

Scotland Save Water

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