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We’re a fresh name in business water but we’re not wet behind the ears. That’s because Water Plus is a product of two heavyweight companies that have been in the water market for years. But as Water Plus we’re now taking a fresh new approach to business water.

We're here to make it easy for you. We have highly experienced water professionals with the know-how to make buying water for your business easy. We understand you’re as individual as your business and we respond to that by offering a personal approach.

You may never need to contact us, but if you do we’ll make it easy. And we believe this is just the start of giving you a great service as we’ll keep working hard behind the scenes. From our process planners to our digital team finding new ways to offer great service with a personal touch.

Read more about the changes that have just happened in the water market and what it means for your business.

Find out why you should be looking to switch to Water Plus for your business water needs.

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