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Paying your water bill here

We are currently aware of an issue with customers trying to pay using Mastercard. Our technical teams are looking into this problem and aim to get it resolved as soon as possible. In the mean time you can find other ways to pay here.

Please fill in this form to make a payment. We’ll only use your information to access your account and to send you an email confirming your payment. 

When you click 'Pay my bill', before your payment is made, you might automatically go to a security check page for your bank or credit card company. 

If you’d prefer an easier way to pay, without the bother of forms and security checks, why not set up a Direct Debit. Your bills are always paid on time and your account up to date, You can set up a Direct Debit in your MyAccount.


You'll enter your card details on the next page.

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Paying as a guest

To make a payment here we need your contact information, account number and billing address.

It’s easier to pay by Direct Debit. Your bills are always paid on time and your account is up to date without having to fill out this form.

If Direct Debit really isn’t for you, paying in your MyAccount is much quicker as we’ll already have all your account details. You can register and log in to your MyAccount here

In your MyAccount you can also see latest and all previous bills, send us meter reads, keep your account up to date and more.

If you have any problem with your payments please get in touch with us using the contact us page on our website.
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