Your water use is worth a second thought

We've created this page specifically for you. You'll find tips, advice and information about water in your business, your responsibilities and how you can save water and reduce costs.

While keeping the water supply in working order may not seem a top priority when running a busy operation serving your customers, issues with water pipes at your site can be deceptively costly. Leaks can add up and could cause water at your site to stop completely.

Simple steps can also reduce water costs, and running costs for your business.

Just like homeowners, restaurant, hotel and bar owners are responsible for the water pipes at their site, from the point of the water meter, so it's worth keeping an eye on how much water you’re using and look out for any signs of a leak.

How much could a leak cost?

For example, a burst pipe can lose as much as one cubic metre of water – equivalent to 1,000 litres, or 1,333 750ml (75cl) bottles of wine or 1,760 pints of beer, – an hour, which can cost upwards of £26,000 a year, if left unchecked. Find out the steps you can take to look out for leaks to prevent costs increasing below. 

If you have a leak at your site then you’ll need to arrange a repair. Water Plus can also provide a Leak Detection and Repair Service. If you’re interested in the service, please email .
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How can I check for water leaks at my site?

No business wants a water leak in their system. Unfortunately, wear and tear does happen, and if you let a leak slip under the radar, it can end up being very costly. Often leaks can’t be seen or heard, so at Water Plus we’ve created a four step guide outlining how to detect water leaks on your business premises.

Looking at water use can reduce your costs

Knowing how much water you use and where you could use less can help reduce your costs. Find out more about managing your water.

Can data loggers help you?

Have more than one water meter at your site or do you own multiple hotels, bars or restaurants and want a better view on your water use? Data loggers on your water meter and across multiple sites provide a flow reading giving a good way to track levels of water consumption, to see where and when water is used, as well as potential areas for savings to reduce your costs.

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