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Keen to learn how water efficiency can help you save money? We've got all the information you need here.

Water Plus provides water efficiency services to help businesses reduce water consumption, make cost savings and improve environmental credentials.

Using water more efficiently can help drive down costs for your business, reduce your impact on the environment, and support corporate sustainability objectives.

Using our extensive expertise gained working with many different customers in the water industry, we can help to make your business more water efficient.

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Water audits 

We undertake a desktop analysis and site water audit to evaluate your current water use, this includes:

  • Bill analysis and tariff optimisation

  • Water use in domestic plumbing systems i.e. toilets, showers, urinals and checks on use of water flow controllers

  • Heating networks to check they are working efficiently

  • Use of metering and sub-metering to monitor water use across the site, monitoring and targeting, and reporting strategies. 

We then produce a report with details on your water consumption and charges, and recommendations on ways to reduce your water use and make savings.

We also offer an in depth strategic water audit which includes evaluation of your production and operational water usage and recommendations for water saving.

Water reduction measures

Our water experts can help you to reduce your water use and based on the results of the water audit we can: 

  • Ensure your tariffs and bills are correct

  • Supply and install water reduction measures including water efficiency devices such as taps and showers, and waterless or low flush urinals

  • Repair leaks on domestic plumbing systems and fix broken fixtures and fittings

  • Locate and repair leaks outside your premises

  • Fit smart meters to help you monitor your water use and identify issues

  • Provide staff training and materials to help your business to become more efficient.

To find out more email us today at advancedservices@water-plus.co.uk

Download our water efficiency product guide (PDF download).

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