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Want to know if smart meters could help cut your costs? This is where to find out.

Smart metering allows you to manage your water consumption and save money.

Flow monitoring loggers are fitted to automated meter readers (AMR). This can be reviewed either using the data from the loggers in a report via the Water Plus AMR portal - allowing you to review and manage your water consumption.  

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Daily updates on water usage

Smart meters provide data on water use which allows you to actively monitor and manage water consumption, and identify and respond quickly to issues or irregularities such as leaks. It will also alert you to issues out of hours, allowing water contingency plans to be implemented for business continuity.

Data can be provided at a site level or, for complex sites, more detailed data can be provided using sub meters and loggers across your site. They can also be used to identify potential areas for water savings, supporting water efficiency objectives.

Smart meters help to reduce water loss, avoid unnecessary costs and minimise disruption to your business.

Take action – save water and money

The loggers can be leased from us for an agreed time period. We’ll install and maintain the loggers and set alarms on the system to notify you if consumption rises or falls significantly above or below agreed levels.

You’ll be able to monitor the data for your business and respond immediately to any irregularities. We also provide a data monitoring service and will alert you to any issues as well as provide water efficiency advice and services. We can also use your data to benchmark against similar organisations or sites.

To find out more email us today at advancedservices@water-plus.co.uk​

Download our smart metering product guide (PDF download).

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