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Explore our core range of business water services tailored to meet your needs.

Water Plus Essentials is our core range of business water services, which we tailor to support specific customer needs including account management, billing, payments and management information.

Our Water Plus Essentials services include:

  • Dedicated account management

  • Brilliant billing options

  • Meaningful management information

  • Easy account switching

Dedicated account management 

We’ll provide you with a dedicated, knowledgeable and proactive Account Manager who’ll be your single point of contact to manage your account and water service needs. 

From the first contact with Water Plus you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. Water Plus Account Managers have many years of experience in the water industry and specialist knowledge of different types of industry and sectors. So you can be sure that your Account Manager will have an excellent knowledge of your business, sector and water requirements. 

Your Account Manager will be your single point of contact overseeing all aspects of your account backed by a specialist team of case managers to ensure that any queries are resolved quickly.

Brilliant billing options

We recognise that all businesses are different with their own individual processes, timescales and ways of working so we’ll tailor our billing and payment arrangements to suit your business requirements. 

Our flexible billing system can provide bills in a variety of formats, and frequencies. You can choose the format of your bill so whether you need paperless, electronic or traditionally posted bills we can do that.
Water Plus can provide a single consolidated bill for all your sites in England and one for all sites in Scotland. The consolidated bills will show the costs for the water and waste water services for all of your individual sites – reducing the number of bills that need to be processed, saving you time and money

If you need billing information supplied in an electronic or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) format so that you can input the data directly into your accounting or bill validation software we can do that. Just let us know what format you need. 

And what’s more, with Water Plus you have the flexibility you need on the billing frequency. We’ll provide your bills as frequently as you need them. 

Meaningful management information

We believe that the first step in great water efficiency is knowing your consumption patterns and overall usage. We’ll provide you with a suite of reports to help you manage your water accounts and consumption. 

Our reports will enable you to: 

  • Forecast and manage your water costs, including like for like and peer comparisons enabling you to benchmark your performance.

  • Identify areas of high usage and opportunities to reduce costs.

  • Spot changes in water consumption which might indicate a leak.

  • Manage and maintain your site portfolio.

Water Plus has a dedicated Management Information team, that produces both standard and bespoke reports. Here’s a selection of what we can offer:

  • Water Management Dashboard - Showcases spend and consumption for all sites in a series of graphs and tables, with comparisons against previous periods to show how consumption has changed.

  • Water Budget Forecast - Provides a forecast on charges for the next financial year, enabling you to budget accurately.

  • Customer Portfolio Report - Shows your current portfolio of sites and changes both in and out to make sure the portfolio is kept up to date. 

  • Service Performance Report - Provides you with a summary of our performance against service standards.

Easy account switching 

We make it easy by managing the process for you. We’ll appoint a Switching Manager and they’ll oversee the switching process.
They manage all aspects of the transfer, liaising with the relevant wholesalers and keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Want to find out more? Talk to the team today hello@water-plus.co.uk

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