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Explore our Advanced Services and find out how you can improve your water efficiency and cut costs.

We understand our customers’ needs and have made sure that Water Plus provides the water services each individual business requires. Through our proactive approach to water management, we are able to offer our customers a host of benefits which we believe make us the leading retailer in the business water services sector. Our Water Plus Advanced services mean that you can select exactly what you need for your business. 

Water efficiency

Being water efficient can save you money and our structured process begins with a comprehensive audit of your water use with recommendations on improvements to your network.

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Smart metering

Smart metering provides you with accurate data on your consumption which can be used to monitor usage, benchmark sites, identify potential problems and sites where water could be being wasted. 

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Leak detection and repair

Many customers are unaware of leaks on their sites; our leakage specialists can undertake surveys to identify problems and put plans in place for the fix and repair as well. 

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Water and wastewater infrastructure

Our infrastructure services, provides maintenance, repair and development for every aspect of your water and waste water network.

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Contingency planning and emergency water

We can create a plan to make sure you have arrangements in place to deal with any interruption to the water supply. 

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To find out more about our Advanced Services email us advancedservices@water-plus.co.uk

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