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As one of our corporate customers, you can benefit from a wealth of services that have been specifically designed to support you in operating your business. Through our proactive approach to water management, we are able to offer our customers a whole host of benefits which we believe make us the most advanced retailer in the business water services sector. Our Water Plus Essentials and Water Plus Advanced services mean that you can select exactly what you need for your business.

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Our Water Plus Essentials services include: 

Dedicated account management

We’ll provide you with a dedicated, knowledgeable and proactive Account Manager who’ll be your single point of contact to manage your account and water service needs. 

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Brilliant billing options

We recognise that all businesses are different with their own individual processes, timescales and ways of working so we’ll tailor our billing and payment arrangements to suit your business needs.

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Easy account switching

We make it easy by managing the process for you. We’ll appoint one of our Switching Managers and they’ll oversee the switching process – keeping you fully informed along the way.

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Meaningful management information

We believe the first step in great water efficiency is knowing your consumption patterns and overall usage. We’ll provide you with a suite of reports to help you manage your water accounts.

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Our Water Plus Advanced range provides additional services that we know many customers value.

Brief details are below, and full overviews of each service are available in our advanced water services section.

Water efficiency

Being water efficient can save you money and our structured process begins with a comprehensive audit of your water use with recommendations on improvements to your network.

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Smart metering

Smart metering provides you with accurate data on your consumption which can be used to monitor usage, benchmark sites, identify potential problems and sites where water could be being wasted.

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Leak detection and repair

Many customers are unaware of leaks on their sites. Our leakage specialists can undertake surveys to identify problems and put plans in place for the fix and repair as well.

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Water and wastewater infrastructure

Our infrastructure service covers every aspect of your network, including: pipework, valve installation, hydrant installation, maintenance, smart meters, and sub-metering.

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Contingency planning and emergency water

We can create a plan to make sure you have arrangements in place to deal with any interruption to the water supply. 

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By shaping what you need from our Essential and Advanced services, together we can ensure that your business is receiving precisely the support it needs and is attaining maximum value for money.

For more information please email hello@water-plus.co.uk

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