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Letter of Authority for our customers

Why we need a letter of authority

If your water account is managed by a third party, it’s an Ofwat (the water industry regulator) requirement that we have a letter of authority (LOA) on your account. The LOA gives the third party permission to act on your behalf. This is covered in Ofwat's Customer Protection Code of Practice for the non-household retail, and it’s a licence condition for all water retailers, like us, that we have an LOA when needed.

What we need? 

Ofwat’s code states:

6.4.1 Where Non-Household Customers have any third party acting on their behalf, Retailers shall obtain written confirmation, known as a letter of authority, from the relevant Non-household Customers.
You find a template for this type of LOA here.
6.4.2 Where the Non-Household Customer is also a Micro-business, the written confirmation shall be in the form of a template issued by the Authority from time to time.
You can find a template of this type of LOA here. If you have any issues then please contact us using the email addresses below.

Sometimes this template changes in line with regulatory amendments, so please check regularly to make sure you’re using the latest version. 

Please use the right template for your business and send your LOA to us using the email address which appears on your bill.
This will be either:

What happens next?

When we receive your LOA, we'll get back to you within 10 working days.
It’s important we have an LOA from you if a third party is managing your account.
If, for any reason you can’t complete a template, we must get from you, on your letter headed paper:  

(a) name and contact information of the third party, acting on your behalf;  

(b) the extent of the third party’s authority;
(c) acknowledgement that you understand how the third party’s fees are being paid (needed for brokers and consultants only).


A Letter of Authority remains valid for a period of 12 month from the original date of signature, or for the length of any fixed term supply contract. This will remain the same unless the customer lets us know otherwise.
Please note: it is the customers responsibility to ensure we have up to date and accurate authorisation on their account.


Ofwat has a detailed TPI voluntary Code of Conduct. For more information on what this includes, please click here.

If you need any help and support, please contact us at:customerservice@water-plus.co.uk, or your account manager.

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