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Letter of Authority for English customers

The deregulation of the water market brings with it a number of changes. And at Water Plus working closely with our TPIs, brokers and consultants is important to us but we need to do this compliantly, and within the new requirements of the OFWAT regulations. 

What’s happening? 

Requirements for Letters of Authority are covered within the OFWAT Customer Protection Code of Practice for the non-household retail market and is a licence condition for all Retailers, including Water Plus. Within this code OFWAT state the following:
6.4 Third parties acting for Non-Household Customers. 

6.4.1 Where Non-Household Customers have any third party acting on their behalf, Retailers shall obtain written confirmation – known as a letter of authority – from the relevant Non-household Customers that: 

(a) the named third party is acting on their behalf;  

(b) the extent of the third party’s authority; and
(c ) how the third party’s fees are being paid.
6.4.2 Where the Non-Household Customer is also a Micro-business, the written confirmation shall be in the form of a template issued by the Authority from time to time.

What you need to do 

This means that we must receive from you a Letter of Authority that contains these elements, and if you're acting for a Microbusiness this must be in the form of the OFWAT template, which can be found here

Please bear in mind that this template may change over time. We would advise that you refer to the template regularly to ensure you are using the latest version. 

Failing to comply with the terms above will mean that we are in breach of our licence conditions, so we need your help in ensuring we’re acting appropriately with our customers. 
If representing a Scottish customer your LOA requirement and process remains unchanged. So please continue to follow your usual procedure. The Scottish Technical Panel is in the process of developing a 'Customer Protection Code of Practice'. 

We’re here to help

In addition to the above OFWAT has detailed a TPI voluntary Code of Conduct, for more information on what this includes please click here
We understand that for many of you this will mean a change to your existing processes and we’re here to help with this if you need us.
If you have any questions please give your main Water Plus contact a call, or send us an email at partnerships@water-plus.co.uk

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