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As the retail market leader for new water connections in Scotland, we’ve got unrivalled experience. Pair that with our honest, direct approach and it all means we’ll spare your business un-necessary costs by making sure work is done quickly and correctly.

New connections

Connections don’t have to be complicated.

Our Scottish customers can rely on us to deliver a new water connection both cost effectively and to a high standard. We’ve got everything covered, even down to the paperwork.

Working alongside wholesalers, our experts can support you in completing and submitting the pesky application forms for:

  • New water connections
  • New wastewater connections
  • Facilitation connections
  • Temporary water
  • Disconnections

Developer services

Specialist development design

Sometimes you’ll need specialist services for your new connection. Instead of spending time searching for reputable providers, we’ve made it easy by selecting a small team of the best approved partners.
Working with them, we can support you with:

  • Water and wastewater modelling
  • Pressure and flow testing
  • WIRS approved designs
  • Soil investigations
  • Sampling and testing

Infrastructure services

WIRS approved infrastructure

Once a new connection is approved, you might need a Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) approved contractor to construct the network. We’re here to help. No matter whether your connection is standard or non-standard, we can supply all the services you need to make sure your site is connected quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, we can also assist with facilitation mains and diversions. Working closely with our WIRS design team and your wholesaler, we’ll make sure you get a design that suits your needs and timescales.

We’ve got extensive experience in:

  • Mains diversions
  • Facilitation mains
  • On-site network installation
  • Off-site network installation
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Fire mains and systems
  • WIRS accredited works

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