Reducing complaints further and helping customers

Update on 11 September, 2019

Last year we talked about our significant investment in our teams and processes and we wanted to update you on the progress we are making in reducing complaints and helping customers.
Andy Hughes, Chief Executive of Water Plus, said: “We’re pleased to see a sharp drop in business complaints about us made to the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) since the start of April 2019 – which mirrors what we’re seeing in the overall written complaints we’ve received. This shows the investments we’ve been making in our business to help our customers is having a substantial difference.
“We’re not standing still - as one complaint is one too many – we’re continuing to drive these down further through our focused improvement programme and the combined efforts of all our people.
“Following the significant investments we made in 2018, we’ve seen written complaints to us drop by 36% in the first quarter of this financial year (19/20), compared to the same time the previous year. We’ve also seen our number of complaints fall significantly from Q4 in the last financial year to Q1 for 19/20.
“This reduction in complaints has also continued in Q2 for July and August this year, compared to last year, which shows we’re improving and helping more customers.”
“We’re also actively working with wholesalers and other retailers to make the market work better for customers, helping speed up resolution of complex issues as well as working across our industry to improve data,” the Chief Executive added.
Our extra investment was made in 2018 to meet the challenges and changes in the market, increasing the number of people in our contact centre to reduce any delays for customers and enhance the services for our new and existing customers.

We’ve also been raising awareness with our customers around areas including their responsibilities for arranging repairs for leaks on private pipes at business sites, from the point of the water meter, and providing more information to help with understanding their bills.

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