MyAccount update March 2021

You can now see which bills have not been opened.

MyAccount Bills page with notificationsWe have introduced a notification tool to show you which invoices you have / haven't read on MyAccount. 

MyAccount dashboard with notificationsAs you get a new invoice or credit note then the notification will appear next time that you login and will remain until you either
  1. Open your invoice / document
  2. Download your invoice / document
  3. Mark all as read. 


Improving our help section

You can now rate our Help articles

To help us identify areas to focus on improving, we’re asking our customers who use the Help page to tell us if they found the articles useful.Give each of the help articles a rating

You can now search through our Help section

Rather than clicking each category to find information you can now search our help section to make finding information easier.


A loading animation will display when you're waiting for a page/action to process

Every time a page is taking longer than 1 second to load, this animation will appear. This shows you that an action is occurring rather than questioning if you've done something wrong or there's a page error.

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