Covid-19 Repayment Scheme terms and conditions

Our Covid-19 repayment scheme (England) terms and conditions  

We’ve worked closely with the water regulator, Ofwat, and the wholesalers on the best ways to support our customers affected by COVID-19.  

We have a wide range of measures in place if you need our help, especially if you’ve had to temporarily close your business property to follow the government’s COVID-19 regulations. 

We have a COVID-19 repayment scheme to provide our customers with more flexibility and support during this time, if you need it.  

These terms and conditions for the Water Plus COVID-19 repayment scheme (the “scheme”) are additional to our standard supply terms and conditions, and the water and wastewater supply contract (the “contract”).  

Who can use the Covid-19 repayment scheme?  

If you have a business in England and have been materially affected by COVID-19, you can apply for the scheme.  

You can apply at any time up to 3I July 2021. From 1 August 2021 onwards, we can discuss other repayment options with you, but the scheme will be closed to new applicants.  

We have dedicated teams in place to support all our customers that are having difficulty making payments. You can call them on 0141 479 0141.  

You can also find information on our website outlining the range of support measures we can offer.  

About the Covid-19 repayment scheme  

A customer may be eligible for the scheme so they can spread out the cost of their bills.  

The scheme can run for a maximum of 12 months, from the first payment date. 

Scheme payments need to be by Direct Debit, where possible. 

We have two types of repayment plan 

1.   To cover an outstanding amount you owe and future bills while the scheme is in place. 

  • We’ll calculate monthly payments by adding together your outstanding balance(s) and an estimate of your future bills during the period of the scheme. 
  • Monthly payments may increase or decrease if the amount of water used during the scheme period is more or less than our estimate. If payments change, we’ll let you know, in line with your Direct Debit guarantee. 

2.   To cover an outstanding amount you owe only.  

  • We’ll spread the outstanding amount you owe over an agreed number of monthly payments for up to 12 months.  
  • You’ll need to pay new bills you get, while the scheme is running, in full in the normal way you pay.  

Once a scheme is agreed, we will issue a letter confirming the arrangement.  

How to make your Covid-19 repayment scheme payments.   

Direct Debit is the preferred payment method. 

We understand that in some circumstances this may not work, so for some customers we can also accept payment by BACS, debit Card or cheque.   

If you don’t pay by Direct Debit, and we agree another payment method with you, it’s your responsibility to ensure we receive all payments by the agreed due dates. We’ll send a letter with a payment schedule to confirm all the agreed payment dates.  

To talk to us about other payment methods, please call us on 0141 479 0141.  

What happens if a Direct Debit payment fails or you don’t pay? 

If a Direct Debit payment fails during the scheme, we’ll try to take the payment 14 days later. If the payment fails again, we will close the scheme and take action to recover the full amount you owe. If this happens, we will not offer you a new Scheme.  

If you cancel your Direct Debit, or don’t make a payment in another agreed way we will close the scheme and take action to recover the full amount you owe. If this happens, we will not offer you a new scheme. 

If you have any problems making a payment, or cannot continue to meet the agreed scheme requirements and would like to amend it, it’s your responsibility to contact us on 0141 479 0141 to let us know. This is a term of the scheme.   

End of your Covid-19 repayment scheme  

The scheme will close:  

  • At the end of the scheme repayment period, when all payments have been made. 
  • If you payments fail as explained above 

When you scheme closes, we’ll send a letter to confirm this and your current account balance.  

If you stop being a Water Plus customer while the scheme is in place 

Where a customer switches provider, or moves out of the property permanently, while they have a scheme in place, we’ll; 

  • End the scheme and confirm this in writing along with any required next steps. 
  • Calculate and send a final bill that includes all charges up to the date the account is closed and any remaining amount outstanding from the scheme. 
  • Where the scheme repayments are paid by Direct Debit, we’ll take a payment for the full outstanding amount 14 days from account close date, unless an alternative is agreed. 

Water Plus’ rights under the scheme 

We reserve the right to amend the scheme payment amounts and/or payment method, if any of the information you provide when setting up the scheme turns out to be inaccurate, or changes, while the scheme is in place. We’ll issue a new payment schedule if this happens. 

Where the scheme doesn’t include future bills, Water Plus reserves the right to cancel or amend the plan, if you don’t pay a bill you receive from us while the scheme is in place. If this happens, we may be able to set up a new scheme that includes payment of all future bills. 

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