We’re here to help – plus things to keep in mind for your water account

As part of our ongoing work to support you, we’ve got important tips on reducing water risks and limiting additional costs for your business on this page - along with information on payment plan options and extra help.

If you have concerns about paying your water bill, we're here to help and can take you through options available, including payment plans and Direct Debit to spread costs out. 

If you applied for the Covid Repayment Scheme, which was available up to 31 July 2021, then our teams can talk to you about that too.

If you have sites in Scotland, then you may be eligible for the Wholesale Charge Deferral Scheme. Our team can talk through the options for this and what charges would be deferred. The deferment time period is set by WICS (the Scottish water industry regulator).

Make the most of your MyAccount

Managing your account online with MyAccount, including sending us your meter readings regularly, is the easiest way to keep it up to date, and in the advanced help section you’ll find answers to general account questions you may have too.

Important things to keep in mind with your water

  • Sending us regular meter readings, (if the meter is safe to access) helps to update your account, so you have fewer bills based on estimated water use. This will also lower your costs, where water use has decreased. Recording your water use each month also means you can spot issues faster, such as leaks at your site. You can send us your readings in your MyAccount.
  • Under current industry regulations, all charges apply for customers and sites as normal, and all water retailers will bill businesses for these.  You can find more details about your charges on your bills.
  • If your financial circumstances change and you’re already on a Covid Repayment Scheme with us, or you can’t pay your bill because of the impact of Coronavirus, then it’s really important to contact us. Speak to our team, so we can talk to you about your options. You can reach us using the contact details on your bill. 
  • If your business is operating as normal and you can pay your bills on time, you should continue to do so - so you avoid late payment fees and other charges.
  • Keep an eye on your site - If you can, it’s worth checking on your business premises regularly – particularly  when no staff are on-site - so you can spot any water issues quickly and stop any additional unwanted costs. Once water has passed through your meter you do have to pay for it and any leaking pipes or equipment are your responsibility, so it’s worth looking at signs of extra water use as part of your regular checks. See our advice for the colder winter months here, to protect your operation.
  • Usually receive a bill by post? – You can get all your bills online by using your MyAccount. If you need us to send paper bills to a different address, please let us know. 
  • Is your site vacant? – You wouldn’t have charges, unless there is water use, if a site is classed as vacant under industry rules. This includes, among other criteria, having no stock or furniture in the building.

If you’re moving out of your business site, or your business is not reopening, please let us know

It’s best to let us know ahead of the closing or moving date, or the day you leave a business site. You can complete our online form, or email, or call 0345 072 6072 to let us know. We’ll need your account number, business site address, date you are moving/moved out of the site and, ideally, the meter reading on the day you left, along with your forwarding address or current address details and email so we can provide you with your final bill.

We’ll keep you informed and up to date

If there are any further changes to the support we can give you, or any industry-wide updates, we’ll let you know on this web page.

Further support

For general information and updates about Covid-19 and how it affects your business, it’s worth keeping up to date with the latest government issued information on support for businesses and working safely.


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