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Businesses to benefit from water market change in England

March 2017

Businesses across Staffordshire will get a more focused service for water billing, metering and other areas, thanks to a shake-up in the water market this year.

In April, the business water market opens for competition in England and water retailer Water Plus says there are benefits for organisations of all sizes.

Water wholesale companies – such as Severn Trent and United Utilities – will still continue to manage the water supply and wastewater network but from April, billing and customer services will be provided by a business water retailer. 

Sue Amies-King, Chief Executive of Water Plus, which is based in Staffordshire, said: “This is an exciting change which will drive an improved range of services for businesses across the UK. Charges are unlikely to vary dramatically, so if customers are looking to make savings then they need to look at the wider support that’s available.

“If you’re a small business, then dealing with the water bill should be straightforward, accessible and available online so you can get on with running your business.

“We know from our experience that large businesses can also benefit from specialist water management expertise and one water bill for multiple sites.”

Find out more about the changes in the business water market.

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