A major new partnership has been announced between the charity Trees for Cities and water retailer Water Plus.

TfC-Logo-with-white-background.jpgIt will see hundreds of trees planted which, amongst other benefits, will help improve air quality by capturing CO2, as well as contribute to managing surface water run-off in the UK, which can lead to more flooding.

The partnership is part of Water Plus’s commitment on taking positive action to help the environment and raise awareness about steps to help protect natural resources for the future, reduce water waste and water stress and management. 

Initially, more than 90 trees will be planted in urban areas with high levels of pollution in England – with more work planned between the two organisations for later this year and next year.

And Water Plus is appealing for people to get in touch through social media if they have a suggestion of a business, community group, farmer, or other organisation in areas that see high levels of rainfall each year - and say how trees would benefit their area. *

People can do this by commenting on Water Plus social posts on the partnership and tree-planting on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook , by sending a private message to Water Plus through Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, or by emailing hello@water-plus.co.uk with the subject heading #NominateforTrees.
Rory Field, Partnerships Director at Trees for Cities, said: “It’s brilliant to partner with Water Plus as they lead the way on sustainability and raising the profile of actions organisations – and all of us - can take to give a boost to the environment all around us. Tree planting is a critical part of helping meet the challenges of Climate Change with the amazing thing being they reduce air pollution, increase bio-diversity, manage and reduce excess surface water and flooding – as well as even cool the air!”

Andy Hughes, Chief Executive of water retailer Water Plus, said: “We’re committed to making sustainability and minimising our environmental impact core to our business, our people and our customers and our new partnership with Trees for Cities is just a part of what we’re doing on this. We’ll be saying more on the action we're taking later this year - so watch out for more.

“We value the natural environment and natural resources and know the importance of trees to not only the fight against climate change but also natural habitats and the eco-system. And we’re delivering our Commitment to the planet through the technical water services we provide, along with raising awareness around water waste and savings from efficiencies – whether it’s a small or large organisation.

“Amongst our range of services is data loggers on water meters and an online portal to track consumption more closely and identify opportunities and waste, which have helped to increase water efficiency.”
Above: Trees for Cities tree-planting in Goodmayes Park, photo by Beth McConnell

Trees for Cities are the only UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities.

Water Plus will review all suggestions submitted through social media and by email to hello@water-plus.co.uk and consider how the sites might be suitable and involved in tree-planting. Suggestions for sites (on social media or by email to hello@water-plus.co.uk) does not guarantee trees would be planted. Water Plus will work with Trees for Cities around plans for where any trees, as part of the new partnership, may be planted.

Suggested sites can be in England, Scotland or Wales and would also need to agree to providing photos, details and access for external use by Water Plus online and in print. The deadline for suggestions is Friday 31st May, 2022. Trees will be planted in towns and cities. Suggestions submitted will be reviewed by Water Plus and any decision by Water Plus is final.

Initially more than 340 trees will be planted through the new partnership between Water Plus and Trees for Cities.

Water Plus’s tree-rrific support for the environment this year:

And Water Plus is ranked in the top 30% of companies across the world for its approach around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The EcoVadis sustainability rating looks at the integration of CSR principles in an organisation and focuses on 21 issues, which are grouped into 4 themes: Environment (ENV), Labour Practices & Human Rights (LAB), Fair Business Practices (FBP), and Sustainable Procurement (SUP). 2021 saw the water retailer’s EcoVadis rating increase to Silver. It is the fourth year running the water retailer has secured an EcoVadis rating.

EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, with a global network of more than 65,000 rated companies.

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