Peatland restored to support UK to go Net Zero, in new partnership with Water Plus, the UK’s largest water retailer

Forest-Carbon-logo.jpegWater Plus has announced a new partnership to support the UK’s progress towards climate change targets, including Net Zero.

It sees hundreds of tonnes of carbon prevented from being released in the UK*.

Andy Hughes, Chief Executive of Water Plus, said: “Our support for Forest Carbon’s work means we’re helping the UK to meet its Woodlands_TullaMossDH_088M.jpginternational climate change targets, including Net Zero. We’ll be supporting projects every year that capture or reduce CO2 emissions in the UK and this is our biggest yet! We’ll be announcing more on the action we’re taking very soon.

“We’re reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) through helping restore UK peatland, which currently sees more than 23 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emitted, which is 5% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. Our peatland restoration support will prevent 400 tonnes of GHG emissions being released – the equivalent of the emissions linked to our business for the last two financial years*.

“Our support of the peatland will also increase the ability of the peatland to store water, support wildlife and mitigate flood risks to help our customers and the wider community. We’re conscious of carbon and the Woodlands_TullaMossDH_095M.jpginvestments we’re making recognise the impact our business and its operations, like others, has.”

The announcement on peatland restoration, follows the water retailer supporting the planting of hundreds of additional trees in the UK, as part of its commitment to the environment. The water retailer partnered with Trees for Cities earlier this year, which will see hundreds of trees planted which, amongst other benefits, will help improve air quality by capturing CO2, as well as contribute to managing surface water run-off in the UK, which can cause more flooding.

Images shown are of the peatland that has been restored with Water Plus's support. Image credit: Forest Carbon. 

Madeleine Wild, Project Manager at Forest Carbon, said: “Degraded peatlands in the UK currently emit 5% of the UK’s national CO2 emissions. Business support is vital to deliver restoration efforts at the pace and scale required. We are delighted that Water Plus have taken action to support the restoration of Gameshope Loch in the Scottish Borders, managed by Borders Forest Trust. Peatland restoration projects also improve water storage capacity in catchment areas, helping mitigate flooding whilst supporting increased biodiversity.”

The water retailer’s head office is trialling units that create drinking water from the air, as part of exploring innovative technology to help organisations, and has electric car charging on-site, with recycling points on each floor and zero waste to landfill.

Staff have been issued with re-usable cups and water bottles for work and the on-site cafeteria offers a discount on hot drinks where reusable cups are brought in. Water Plus is continuing to look at what else they can do to lower impacts on the environment that they, their customers - and their staff - have.

Find further information here on the actions Water Plus is taking, including The “National Silver” Green Apple Environment Award the company received this month for its work.

*The carbon emissions linked to Water Plus are those in the financial years 19/20 and 20/21, as stated in the Water Plus Group Accounts. The peatland is at Gameshope Loch, in Scotland. The peatland restoration is verified under the Peatland Code.

Find more information here about Forest Carbon, its work and the emissions released by degraded peatland.

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