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Businesses in England have reduced their impact on the environment and saved millions of pounds in the first year of the business water retail market by working with Water Plus, according to recent figures from the business water retailer.

In the year to April 2018, Water Plus customers of different sizes have in total saved more than £4.8 million and reduced their water consumption by 1.9 billion litres – over 5.2 million litres per day – that’s equivalent to 869,512 toilet flushes, or 65,213 baths, a day.

Chief Executive of Water Plus, Andy Hughes, said: “These new figures are just one example of what can be achieved through the additional help available out there for businesses. The £4.8 million savings for businesses through reduced consumption is on top of other savings that can be achieved through negotiating with a retailer or switching contract.

 “Businesses need to partner with a retailer who has the expertise and the range of services that will work for them. But do your research, speak to your current provider and get any quotes on a like-for-like basis.”

Water Plus has improved water efficiencies for its business customers through various measures which included:

  • providing over 7,500 toilet flush-saving bags which should save about 20 million litres of water in a year – equating to saving about £52,000;2 and

  • carrying out more than 200 water efficiency site surveys to help businesses identify how to use water more wisely.

Site surveys also identified a big saving for one of their multi-site customers – a university – which would save more than £500,000 a year by reducing annual wastage by 211 million litres.

Water Plus has released its figures to show the extent of some of the benefits to businesses that have emerged in the first year of the water market in England. Continue reading...

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