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Energy Live Consultancy Conference 2018

22 March, Etihad Stadium, Manchester 

It was a great day at the Energy Live Consultancy Conference held once again in Manchester’s picturesque Etihad Stadium. Around 200 brokers, consultants and TPIs gathered with selected utility providers to collectively discuss the big issues, challenges and opportunities to consultants and customers alike. 

The conference took place just a couple of weeks before the first anniversary of the English water market opening to competition – this gave us the perfect opportunity to present an honest review of what we’ve experience in the water markets first year, and how we see the market developing in the near future. Continue reading...

Our Highlights 

11:30 - Water Case Study - Water Plus and Kinect Energy: A true water retail partnership in practice

Presented by Christopher Quinn, Kinect Energy, Water Services Director

Kinect Energy Group discuss why they chose to partner with a water retailer to deliver value to their customer in a low margin market whist earning commission.

Watch Chris discuss this project in more detail or click here to continue reading... 



12:15 - Do customers need and want Advanced Services?


Presented by Kevin Barefoot, Water Plus Corporate Regional Business Manager 

Kevin discussed the importance of understanding the savings that can be made in a low margin market by exploring what we call Advanced Services.

On average the market are seeing savings between 0-2% by negotiating a water contract. Compare that to the 5-8% savings we’re typically seeing customers make by being more efficient and you can see why customers should be taking a closer look at efficiency saving plans.

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