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Need help with water supply issues? We've got some advice right here.

There are times when things don’t go to plan with your water supply. We’ve listed some water supply issues that people experience now and again. In these cases, you will need to contact your wholesaler.

If you're a former United Utilities or Severn Trent business customer with water or wasetwater issues, contact details for your wholesaler are listed below:

United Utilities:

Water and sewerage emergencies: 0345 072 6083

Severn Trent:

Water and sewerage emergencies: 0800 783 4444
If your sites are in Scotland then you should contact:

Scottish Water:

Water and sewerage emergencies: 0800 0778 778

If you have no water, here’s what to do:

  1. Contact your water wholesaler first to see if they can help. They’ll be able to advise on any problems they’re aware of on the network, such as leaks, pipe bursts or repairs. They can also say what actions they’re taking to get them resolved as well as whether they’re able to deliver additional water, though this is normally only the case for Category 1 sensitive sites, such as hospitals.

    We’ve got further information below on alternative water suppliers if water stops on-site - though it’s worth having an emergency contingency plan in place for your business - ahead of any interruption to supplies on-site - so you will know where you’ll source additional water, if it’s needed.

    Wholesalers, who are responsible for ensuring clean water gets to your site and wastewater is taken away, usually have information on network bursts, leaks and repair work on their websites.

    Not sure who your wholesaler is or what their emergency number is if you have no water? We've created a useful map which will help you find your water wholesaler.

  2. Check to see if you have any leaks on site. No water could be caused by a pipe burst or leak on your site. Remember: not all leaks are above ground but can still cause your supply to stop.

  3. If you think you have a leak and the wholesaler says there are no network supply issues, you’ll need to arrange a repair. Water Plus can also provide a Leak Detection and Repair Service.  

No water and wholesaler cannot deliver to your site?

If the water wholesaler cannot provide an alternative water delivery to you, then you may want to contact Water Direct who are an approved supplier of emergency water used by a number of customers, wholesalers and retailers. They can supply water in tankers, bowsers, bottled water and water tanks to sites across England and Scotland.

You will need to pay for this service, but in an emergency, it may be what you need to do to protect your business.

You may call them at any time to ask if they can help on: 03453 451 725 (quote Water Plus).

If Water Direct cannot help with an emergency water delivery, which can happen due to demands from other customers or during adverse weather, you may need to contact other bottled or tankered water suppliers who can provide an emergency water service.

Have you noticed poor pressure on the water to your site or from the flow in your taps?

Wholesalers aim to provide water at the right pressure for everyday use. If your water pressure seems lower or higher than usual, it's worth taking the below steps.

  1. Check whether there are any bursts or leaks on the water wholesaler network or repair work they are carrying out that may affect where your site is located. These are a common cause of pressure changes.
  1. Check there’s no problem with the plumbing at your business site, such as a partially closed stop tap (if fitted) or a leak. Some leaks may be underground at your site so you may not be able to see them. For more on how to check for leaks at your business go to this page. If you think you have a leak and the wholesaler says there are no network supply issues, you’ll need to arrange a repair. Water Plus can also provide a Leak Detection and Repair Service.
  1. If there are no issues on the water wholesaler’s website, social channels, or when you contact them, then you can report the low pressure direct to the wholesaler for your area, who can then take steps to investigate what may be causing the pressure change.

Got a leak?

As a business customer, you’re responsible for making sure that all the private pipework that supplies your facilities remains in good condition.  We know that leaks and burst happen so if you think you’ve got a leak please give us a call and we'll talk to you about the services we offer 0345 072 6072.

If you've spotted a leak on a public sewer you should let your wholesaler know. Details as above.

Need to make an allowance claim against your sewerage charges?

If you’ve had a burst on the private pipework supplying your property, we will consider making an allowance against your sewerage charges for the water lost. Please complete and return our application form to check if you are eligible.

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