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Need help with water supply issues? We've got some advice right here.

There are times when things don’t go to plan with your water supply. We’ve listed some water supply issues that people experience now and again. In these cases, you will need to contact your wholesaler.

If you're a former United Utilities or Severn Trent business customer with water or wasetwater issues, contact details for your wholesaler are listed below:

United Utilities:
Water & sewerage emergencies: 0345 072 6083
Severn Trent:
Water & sewerage emergencies: 0800 783 4444

If your sites are in Scotland then you should contact: 

Scottish Water:
Water & sewerage emergencies: 0800 0778 778

No water

We know how important having water is for businesses. So, if you find you don’t have any, contact your water wholesaler first to see if they can help.  They’ll be able to advise on any problems they’re aware of, and the actions they’re taking to get them resolved.  They may also provide emergency water to your site, so you can get on with running your business but this may depend of the nature of the problem.

You can find the emergency contact number for water wholesalers here

If you’re not sure who your water wholesaler is, then we’ve got a map to help you here.

If your water wholesaler can’t help, please come back to us as it may be a problem on your site and we have a number of services available. Please call 0345 072 6072.

Low water pressure

If your water pressure has dropped you may need to get someone to investigate this, as this could indicate a network problem or a leak on your site or premises.  Similarly to the actions for no water, check with your wholesaler first and then if they’re not aware of a problem then please call 0345 072 6072and we’ll talk to you about your options.

Got a leak?

As a business customer, you’re responsible for making sure that all the private pipework that supplies your facilities remains in good condition.  We know that leaks and burst happen so if you think you’ve got a leak please give us a call and we'll talk to you about the services we offer 0345 072 6072.

If you've spotted a leak on a public sewer you should let your wholesaler know. Details as above.

Need emergency water?

If you need water in an emergency we can help, charges may apply but give us a call and we’ll talk to you about your options.

Need to make an allowance claim against your sewerage charges?

If you’ve had a burst on the private pipework supplying your property, we will consider making an allowance against your sewerage charges for the water lost. Please complete and return our application form to check if you are eligible.

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