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Hot weather alert

Due to the increased demand on the water networks in England during the current hot weather, we’re aware of a number of local water supply issues.

Unfortunately there is limited availability at the moment for us to provide emergency water supplies, through our approved provider. Please contact the wholesaler for your area for updates on their network supplies and to see if they can help with additional water deliveries.

UPDATE FOR CUSTOMERS IN THE UNITED UTILITIES REGION: The Temporary Use Ban (hosepipe ban) that was due to come into effect on 5 August, has been withdrawn. Customers are still encouraged to be wise with the water to prevent restrictions being required in the future. Further information is available on the United Utilities website.

If you're a former United Utilities or Severn Trent business customer with water or wastewater issues, contact details for your wholesaler are listed below:

United Utilities:
Water & sewerage emergencies: 0345 072 6083
Severn Trent:
Water & sewerage emergencies: 0800 783 4444

If your sites are in Scotland then you should contact: 

Scottish Water:
Water & sewerage emergencies: 0800 0778 778

If you have sites in other areas you can find details on the wholesalers here, and for more information on water supply issues please visit this page.

We’ve also got a blog on how your business site can save water and help the environment – particularly during the warm weather.

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