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How can you reduce your water bill?

There are a number of options worth considering to see if it’s possible to reduce your wastewater bill.

Reduce your surface water charges

Finding a practical way of draining your property without using the sewer system, or even reducing the amount of water draining to the sewer, could reduce the surface water drainage element of your bill.

  • Make sure you know exactly where natural drainage occurs as you should only be charged for surface water that drains into public sewers. Exclude any areas that drain naturally, such as fields. 

  • If some of the surface water from your premises does not enter into a public sewer, you may qualify for a reduction or even a refund in your wastewater charge.

  • If you think we have put your premises in the wrong site area charging band, please call us on 0345 072 6072.

​​Find another way to drain your surface water

  • You may be able to drain your surface water directly into a nearby watercourse, such as a river or brook instead of the public sewer. You’ll need permission from the Environment Agency or British Waterways before attempting this. 

  • Another option is to construct a soakaway (a hole in the ground filled with stones or gravel). You can then divert your surface water into the soakaway instead of the public sewer, allowing the water to drain away naturally. You’ll need to speak to your local authority about building regulations and planning permission before going ahead.

  • If you can reduce the amount of surface water that enters the sewer you may be able to claim a reduction in your surface water drainage charges, download an application form here (PDF download).

Other ways to reduce your wastewater bill

Reduce the size of your chargeable area

  • If you can decrease the size of your chargeable area, you may reduce the surface water drainage element of your bill.

  • Remember that permanently grassed; cultivated or landscaped areas where no surface water or ground water drains either directly or indirectly to a public sewers are not included in our site area calculations. If it is practical to convert an area, such as a car park, into a grassed area, then your property could qualify for a lower site area charging band.

  • Download an application form to review your charging band here (PDF download).

​Be more water efficient

  • As you are charged for all the water that you use, then any efficiencies you make will reduce your water bill. However, what you may not realise is that your wastewater charges are also based on your meter reading. So, saving water will reduce both your water and your wastewater charges.

  • Find out more about water efficiency and get some practical tips

Claim for water that is not returned to a public sewer

The sewerage volumetric charge allows for a certain percentage of water supplied to customers that is not returned to a public sewer. Download the application form here (PDF download).

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