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2021 Standby Tariffs

Standby tariffs apply to some customers with sites that have an alternative water supply such as a borehole, river abstraction or canal abstraction. Each site must have at least one ‘towns water’ supply from Severn Trent Water. 
The first standby tariff was introduced in 1997 for >= 50mm metered supplies through a fixed measured service charge.  This was modified to a new standby tariff in April 2003 and has remained the same since then. To apply for a standby tariff customers must meet certain qualification criteria. Only one tariff can be applied to any one site.

Qualification Criteria

The site must:
  • Have one or more metered supplies from Severn Trent Water
  • Have at least one metered supply which is capable of supplementing or replacing an alternative source of supply
  • Have one or more alternative sources of supply which is capable of providing at least 10,000 m3 /yr (as verified by the EA abstraction licence)
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