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Not sure what site area charging means? We’ll explain it all right here.

Site area is the chargeable area of your business premises. It’s made up of the total area of your site, whether the surface is permeable or not. It excludes any permanently grassed, cultivated or landscaped areas where no surface water or ground water drains directly or indirectly to a public sewer.

What is surface water and highways drainage?

On your water bill you’ll see a charge called ‘surface water drainage’. Surface water is rainfall which falls onto your premises and flows directly or indirectly into the public sewer. This charge is for taking away the rainwater that falls onto your business premises. How much you pay for surface water drainage depends on your chargeable area.

How are the charges set?

If you have a connection to a public sewer then these charges apply to you. Once your chargeable area has been worked out, your premises will be placed in a site area charging band, which will determine how much you’ll pay. You can find out more about how we calculate your charging band here.

Can my charges be reduced?

There are a few ways you might be able to reduce your charges, you can read more here.

For some groups of customers we offer a concessionary scheme where your charges may be capped at a set rate. Find out if you’re business is eligible here.

If we haven’t answered your question about site area charging here, one of our water experts will be able to help. Just call us on 0345 072 6072 or contact us online.

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