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Retail charges in Scotland

There are three basic elements that make up your water bill: water, wastewater and drainage.

With a meter

If your property has a water meter, your water and wastewater charges are based on your usage, recorded by the meter.

Without a meter

If you don’t have a water meter, your water and drainage charges are based on your property’s Rateable Value (RV) as held in central systems. All properties with these services are charged a fixed rate (based on your meter size) and a volumetric rate (actual usage) in addition to property and roads drainage. This means up to seven parts are shown on your bill:

1) A fixed charge for water
2) A volumetric charge for water
3) A fixed charge for wastewater
4) A volumetric charge for wastewater
5) Property drainage
6) Roads drainage
7) Trade effluent (if applicable)

Find out more information about Live Rateable Values.

You can view the latest Scottish water maximum default prices are here here

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