Please pay your bill straight away


If you don't pay your bill on time

Pay as soon as you get the letter and we’ll take no more action.
We’ll add £40, £70 or £100 to your account depending on how much the you owe us. We’ll write to you to let you know we’re doing this.
Our debt collection agency will contact you directly, letting you know how to pay and how to contact them.
If your account remains unpaid we may arrange for an engineer to cut off your water supply. We add a £170 charge to your account to cover this and will only authorise a reconnection once you’ve paid what you owe in full. As your water supplier we are the only company that can authorise the reconnection.
If this results in a County Court Judgement in England, or a Decree being issued by a Sheriff’s Court in Scotland, it can affect your credit rating and ability to get future credit. We will also look to recover any costs of taking legal action against you.


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