Non Primary Charges: here's everything you need to know

In the new business water market, there’s a lot to wrap your head around in terms of who’s responsible for what and new charges that might apply for non-standard water work. We’re here to help – here’s some information on our non-primary charges (NPC).

What is a Non Primary Charge?

Put simply – a non-primary charge is for a service that’s outside of your normal water needs.

Let’s break it down.

As your water retailer, we provide things like account management, customer service, billing, meter reading and water efficiency advice as part of your normal water retail service.

Your water wholesaler is responsible for water treatment, the quality of your water, the large water mains pipes that distribute water, and the pipes that carry this water to your business property boundary. This is all included as part of your normal billing.

If you need an extra service, like a meter accuracy test, a trade effluent application, a meter alteration, or anything else that isn’t usually listed on your normal water bill, this is classed as a non-primary service. That’s because it’s not included in your wholesaler’s usual provisions, so non-primary services require an extra non-primary charge.

How are the charges worked out?

It’s your water wholesaler who sets the non-primary charges for the work they’ll do, and each wholesaler’s prices are different.

The total amount you’ll pay is made up of the wholesaler cost and a fixed fee we charge to cover the cost of arranging the work for you, plus VAT. We have to add VAT to the wholesaler charge and our fixed fee, and they both apply even if you don’t normally pay VAT on your water bills.

Before any work is done, we’ll talk you through everything, get a quote from your wholesaler, and agree on a cost with you.

Cancellation charges

Please be aware, a cancellation charge will apply if: your wholesaler can’t make contact with you to arrange an appointment; if you fail to attend the agreed appointment; if the wholesaler can’t gain access to site; or if you chose to not go ahead with the work once agreed and arranged.

How will you pay?

For single site customers we’ll send you a separate bill for non-primary charges, so they won’t be included in your usual water bill. However, if you’ve got any outstanding amounts due for your water account, they’ll be shown in the balance brought forward of this bill. Your non-primary charge bill has the same payment terms as usual bills.

For multi-site customers, the non-primary charges will be added to your usual water bills, and will be included as per your current billing cycles.

Useful links

You can find out more about the differences in wholesaler and retailer roles here.

You can find your wholesaler’s scheme of charges on their website – if you don’t know who your wholesaler is, we’ve got a handy find your wholesaler guide.

If you’re still confused about non-primary charges, or think your business needs non-standard work done, you can use our quick and easy contact us form, or give us a call on 0345 072 6072.

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