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Deemed Contracts: what you need to know.

As part of the regulatory requirements of the English water market opening, business customers who have not signed up to a contract with a water retailer will move onto a ‘deemed contract’ from April 2017.

Each water retailer must publish the terms and conditions that make up their deemed contract. The detailed requirements of the this are defined by OFWAT in the Retail Exit Code. 

Download our deemed contract terms and conditions here (PDF download).

For more information take a look at our Deemed Contract FAQs (PDF download).
Information about Deemed Contracts in Scotland can be found here.

Deemed Contracts: 

  • Apply where a customer is receiving a service but has not agreed a contact with a supplier.

  • Outline the terms and conditions of the supply arrangements including the charges, services and default service levels the customer can expect from the supplier. 


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