Sustain and Gain: Reduce the impact your organisation has on the environment - and lower operating costs too - this year and beyond

Sustainability may sound hard to do, but there’s some easy steps to lower the impact on the environment, whether you work somewhere or run a business or public sector sites, here’s some info to help you and your organisation.

We realise it isn't business as usual for any organisation at the moment due to Coronavirus, but the tips on this page – and the ones shared at Festival Net Zero 2021 - may be something to consider and look at in the future. 

What we do know is that saving water – even with small steps – can make a big difference. And there’s even bigger savings when it comes to using less energy too.
We’re sharing insight, tips, successes – and savings! And we’ve got information for businesses about energy saving from the Carbon Trust too, below. Plus there's information on reducing water risks, so you can keep open and operating, on our Covid-19 support page.

Want to join us and reduce the impact you have on the environment?

Anil-showerheads-v3-shortest.pngLet us know how you’re making water go further – and how you’re reducing your Carbon Footprint/impact, in your day-to-day operation. On LinkedIn and Twitter please use the main campaign hashtags: #SustainFutures and #BeWiseOnWater - as well as #WaterEfficiency and #WaterAtWork - so more organisations and people can see what you’re doing and the great success you’ve had.

We’ll share what you’re doing, so, together, we make an even bigger impact.

Want to do more to save water, reduce your carbon footprint – and lower running costs?

See how a sports club significantly decreased the amount of water it needs to use across its buildings in 2021, after looking at water-saving devices.

And here’s more details on a university that identified £50,000 of savings after taking steps to monitor its water use and reduce leaks.

Check out further tips below.

Have multiple water meters across sites?

Want a better view on your water use? Data loggers on your water meter and across multiple sites provide a flow reading giving a good way to track levels of water consumption, to see where and when water is used, as well as potential areas for savings to reduce your costs.
Water efficiency and looking at water use to see the savings

Increase your water efficiency by 20% - or even more - in 2022 and beyond

Even making small changes can mean you use 20% less water. Here’s some steps to consider:
  • Tap aerators can mean up to 50% less water coming out of your taps. A typical tap can use 8 to 10 litres per minute - aerated taps can reduce this to 3 to 5 litres per minute.
  • Spray taps are great if you use tap water a lot. They work by forcing water through small holes creating a mist or spray, cutting the amount you use.
  • Sensors on urinals can reduce the number of flushes, so they aren’t doing this when no-one is at your site. You could even go for waterless urinals as a single urinal system can be as large as 9 litres, flushing at least 4 times per hour. That’s over 800 litres per day.
  • Consider fitting automatic taps if you don’t have them. Automatic or sensor taps also stop them being left on – reducing unnecessary water use.
  • Regular servicing and maintaining taps, toilets and urinals – as well as any water efficiency devices you have – is also important - so you know they’re working properly and no water’s being wasted.
  • Check regularly for leaks on site and look out for unexpected increases in water use.
  • Have a look at how much water you use in a day and during a month - so you know what your normal usage is to help spot any issues. Data loggers on water meters can feed your water use information into a smart portal to help track use and spot any issues or unusual increases.
Some changes may mean an initial cost for your organisation but the savings from using less water and from lower bills, pays you back in a short space of time. Plus, there are super deductions for investment in certain water-saving kit now available, that can cut your tax bills – more on that here.
It’s also important to have a plan for any unexpected water loss at your site – which can happen from a leaking pipe and stop you operatingalong with knowing where you water meter is along with stop taps too.

Cutting your carbon use

Here's some information for businesses from the Carbon Trust.
Guide to reducing energy use in offices from the Carbon Trust
Business guide to energy saving from the Carbon Trust

What else can help?

There’s more information for you on saving water at your workplace at:  and steps to take to check for leaks at: .
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