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Want to know how to find your business water meter? With our help it should be easy to track down.

Depending on the size and type of your business you may have one or more water meters which can vary in size and location. These are used to monitor your water usage.

Meter for large commercial premises

Water meters for large commercial premises are often installed externally and located underground in specific meter chambers. However, larger meters may also be located in purpose-built plant rooms or meter houses.

Smaller water meter

Smaller water meters may be installed internally, near to where the water pipe enters the premises, just like in your home. However, they can be located outside, in meter chambers or purpose-built underground meter boxes. These chambers typically have a circular cover, which is easily removed to allow access to the water meter.

Business water meter

Business water meters have a display, similar to those on gas and electricity meters, showing how much water has been consumed at the premises. 

The important digits for readings are the black and white digits, as these show the full cubic meters of water consumed.

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