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Understand how water efficiency in the workplace can save money?

As a business customer, you pay for all the water that passes through your meter, so saving water means saving money. Also, if you heat the water you use, saving it will help to reduce your energy bill too.

If you've never looked at water efficiency before then now is the time! A few small changes can make a real difference to your annual water usage. Interested? Let us tell you how!

When it comes to water efficiency, small changes can make a big difference to your business.

Here’s a few top tips to help improve your water efficiency today. Not only can you make savings on your water bill, you’re helping to take care of the environment too. You’ll immediately notice any potential leaks or unusual water usage that could be costing your business money.

How often do you take meter readings?

Take regular readings and compare your consumption, this way you’ll see if your usage is increasing which could be a sign of a leak. Send us regular meter readings to make sure that your bills are accurate. This stops estimated readings being used and could potentially save you money.

Are your employees water savvy?

Raising awareness of your water efficiency initiatives is a sure fire way to break bad habits amongst employees. Use signs or posters to promote a water efficient culture and report usage trends regularly throughout your business. Introduce a suggestion scheme so your employees can share their water saving ideas with you.

Do you have a water storage tank on site?

It could be costing you money if it’s not properly maintained. Check the tank's surface condition and the control valve regularly and make sure there’s no water passing from the overflow.

Is hot water usage burning through your budget?

Remember hot water can cost between 2 – 4 times as much as cold water once energy costs are taken into account. Kill two birds with one stone by only using hot water where completely necessary.

Want to go greener?

Reducing your water use goes a long way to reducing the environmental impact of your business. Cut your costs and hit those tough targets at the same time!

Water Efficiency Tips PDF

Download our handy guide to get more water efficiency tips (PDF).

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Organisations that support efficiency:

WRAP. Envirowise (now part of WRAP)

Envirowise offers UK businesses free, independent, confidential advice and support on practical ways to minimise waste, reduce environmental impact and increase profits.


ENWORKS is an environmental business support programme. It aims to help improve business competitiveness and environmental performance. ENWORKS offers free and subsidised services. To find out more visit the ENWORKS web site

Additional efficiency considerations:

Tax savings

Businesses can make tax savings by buying water efficient products from the Water Technology List, a Defra, Inland Revenue and the Envirowise initiative, designed to encourage efficient water usage. Find out more from the Water Technology List.



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