Would you want to waste 3,700 glasses of mulled wine?

It’s the time of year to take some time out, relax and enjoy a drink.

That might be a bottle of beer or glass or two of Prosecco at the work’s Christmas party; A mulled wine at the Christmas fair; Cosying up at home in front of the fire with a hot chocolate; Or maybe the annual sherry with Granny!

Whatever your drink of choice, we’re sure it’s time well deserved and you don’t want to waste it.

Of course, water might be your favourite drink and that’s one thing you don’t want wasted either, especially from a burst or leaking pipe.

It’s probably safe to say you won’t be having this much to drink over winter, let alone in an hour, but you wouldn’t want to see it wasted either. Well, maybe the sherry with Granny can go!

And while 1 cubic metre of water is a lot cheaper you won’t want to be paying for that to just seep away when you consider:

That would be a lot of wasted cost from your business.

One of the things with burst pipes though is that whilst many of us think it won’t happen to me, in reality it may well do. During the cold snaps last winter, between December 2017 and February 2018, our leak detecting experts found leaks at business sites they visited were wasting an estimated 1.3 million litres of water a day!

That’s equal to around £91,500! And the worrying thing is, leaks are not always obvious to spot. They’re not necessarily pipes gushing water and leaving puddles. They can be underground, unseen and slowly seeping water, that’s wasting away.

If this water has passed through the water metre and is leaking from a pipe within the boundary of your property it’s classified as used water, which you have to pay for. And, just like at home, you’re responsible for pipe maintenance and repairs too.

For the businesses our leak detection team visited last winter they not only helped identify leaks, they also helped to take action to arrange a repair or isolate the pipe to stop their water costs increasing.

So, if you ever have a leak at your site and want to find out more about our detection and repair service, email advancedServices@water-plus.co.uk 

But if it’s underground and unseen, how do you know you have a leak in the first place? Taking regular water metre readings, so you see if there’s a big increase, is one good way to keep an eye out for potential leaks and we have more leak spotting advice.

Avoiding a burst pipe is even better, so it’s best to be prepared for the big chill before it arrives. We have some handy hints and tips for fighting the freeze and also advice on contingency planning just in case you ever do have a problem pipe.

Then it’s time for all of us to enjoy, a much smaller volume, of our favourite festive drink.


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