The categories

We have three categories for inventors and creative thinkers to enter for a chance to win a top prize of up to £5,000. They are:
  1. Business site efficiency product supplier, for established businesses that have supported water/wastewater efficiency or looking to launch a new efficiency product for business sites, charities or public sector organisations.
  2. University and College innovator category – for universities and technology colleges and colleges, their researchers and specialists who are developing/have developed a new water efficiency/efficiency approach or product for business sites/buildings (please state which University/College you are working for/based at in your email and include contact information for a relevant senior person in the University/College department you are based in and a senior person at the University/College).
  3. Garage inventors, for individuals or micro-organisations.

The innovation could be something that directly involves water or wastewater or an innovation which results in a business or public sector using less water overall (eg as a result of introducing an innovation).
The finer details and what you’ll need to send us
  You can read more on the judging criteria and terms and conditions of the competition here.

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