Budget cuts? Time to cut your water use! How we can support savings for councils.

By Eleanor Bailey

Saving money has never been more important for our councils. With the central grant from Government dropping by around £1 billion, councils are seeing their budgets shrink by around 6% (BBC news, 2019*).
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Saving water is a really effective way to make large-scale savings on the utility bills for your sites, freeing up money to spend on other essential services. We’re pleased to say we’ve got some great advanced water services to help councils battle their budget cuts.

Just look at how we saved Manchester city council £60,000 a year with our expert account management, or how we helped North Lanarkshire Council identify £500,000 of savings with a large-scale water audit.

So, here’s some suggestions from us on how councils can combat their cuts:

Make sure you're getting the best deal

Now that you can choose your water retailer, you’ve got access to better prices. It’s always worth checking that you’re on the right type of contract – and having all your sites on the same one makes life much easier for you.

Get Smart Metering

Our Smart Meters take automatic readings every 15 minutes and submit information from them into one place in the Smart+ portal. They’re great for councils because it means you can easily monitor and compare the water use of all your buildings. What’s more, you’ll get leak alerts to stop you unknowingly wasting money.dripping tap close up with orange background

Have a water audit

Water audits can identify the biggest savings for councils. We’ll send our experts to your sites for just a day and they’ll do a thorough investigation of all the ways you’re using water. You’ll get a unique report for each site, flagging up anything inefficient that could be improved. It’ll probably include personalised recommendations for water-saving devices…

Fit water-saving devices

The right water-saving equipment can easily make savings of 20-30% on water bills, so they’re definitely something that councils should consider investing in. We’ve got lots of nifty tech like aerated taps, sensor taps, low flush toilets, water efficient showerheads, and much more in our approved partner water efficiency shop.

Interested in saving your council money?
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