School water saving tips

By Eleanor Bailey

The summer holidays have finally rolled around for schools – whilst that might mean an end to homework for the kids, for site managers and caretakers now is a great time to do your work. It’s time to shine! As you know, making repairs and performing maintenance work is ideal with nobody around – and the same goes for checking for leaks and upkeeping the waterworks.

That’s why we’ve compiled these quick and handy water tips especially for schools at summertime, to help you save water and save money.

Look for leaks

Leaks are the easiest way to drip your money down the drain! Aside from costing a fortune through wasted water, they can do damage to school sites too if not caught early on. Whilst your school is empty, take the time to do a water-walkaround, checking for these tell-tale signs of a leak.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep an eye out for:

Why not download our quick leak checklist for school sites here, or find out more about how to check for leaks here.

Speaking of water meters…

Make use of your meter

Now’s a great time to use your water meter to monitor your site’s water usage and make sure your bills are reflecting the drop in water use over the holidays. Water bills can be higher if they’re based on estimates, so it’s worth taking a reading of your actual usage regularly. You can submit meter readings to us quickly and easily through your online MyAccount.

If automatic meter readings sent straight to an online portal sound good to you, why not check out our smart metering service.

Since the buildings are all but empty, you should expect to see extremely low water use – so if you’re seeing an unexpectedly high reading, or the reading suddenly jumps up, this is a good indication of a leak.

To use your water meter to check for leaks:

Remember – you should only access your water meter if it’s safe to do so, we don’t want anybody getting hurt.

Tips to reduce water waste

Now usage has slowed down, it’s a good time to consider whether your site is wasting water and to find ways to use it better. Becoming more water efficient will help to reduce bills, and is better for the environment too!

Here’s some simple tips to get you started:

What if you have a water leak?

Despite your careful maintenance, water leaks do happen. It’s your school’s responsibility to manage leaks and the pipework within your property boundaries, so it’s a good idea to have a plan in place so you’ll know how to deal with one. Knowing where your stop taps are is a great first move, so you can switch off the water supply.

However, often leaks occur underground where they can’t be seen or are difficult to access. Our advanced water services team are here to help. With the latest leak identification equipment and expert repair services, they’re a handy number to know. Find out more about our leak detection and repair service here.

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