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13 creative habits of successful business people

Creativity. It’s just about being a bit arty, right? Well no, not exactly.

Which industries are ripe for disruption?

Thinking about starting a business? Get ready to start seriously shaking things up.

Can I switch my business water?

The market for business water in England is changing. And this is great news for small and medium sized businesses.

Water market deregulation checklist

Not sure what to do first to get your business ready for deregulation? Our deregulation checklist covers all industries.

The buyers guide to water procurement

We've put together this comprehensive guide to help you get up to speed and get your business ready for market opening.

Winter tips - checking for leaks

We’ve created this handy four-step guide to get you through the winter and help you keep an eye out for potential problems.


To clear things up for you we’ve put together a Jargon Buster which include terms relating to the deregulation of the water market for businesses.

Water efficiency tips

We've put together a quick guide to water efficiency to help you to get smart about water.

Is your revenue safe?

The experts at Premier BusinessCare explain why safeguarding your business with interruption insurance is so important.

Water Plus at the Public Sector Show, London ExCel Arena

Water Plus recently attended the Public Sector Show held in the London ExCel Arena. We led one of the content focused panel discussions, titled “An Open Water Market – Changes for Public Sector"...

Launching Proactive Water Management – another first for Water Plus at The Water Event

Water Plus will once again be attending The Water (RWM) Event this September. This is our second time exhibiting at the energy event of the year...

A drop of knowledge from Michelle: the business water landscape – how it’s changed and what it means for you

We’re only a few months into market opening so it’s understandable that there still seems to be some confusion about what an open water market actually means to business customers so...

Getting Started: how to manage your business water account online

Pay your bill. Submit a meter reading. Get all your documents in one place. Here’s everything you need to know about managing your business water account online.

A drop of knowledge from Simon: a look at the responsibilities of the water retailer and water wholesaler

In this blog I hope to explain the difference between the water retailer and water wholesaler, and take a look at their responsibilities in the open water market...

Getting Started: finding your account number

Can’t find your account number? Don’t fret. Here’s exactly where you’ll find it.

So, who are Water Plus?

Want to get to know us a little better? Great. Let us fill you in.

3 really easy ways to pay your business water bill

Paying your bill. It should be easy, right? Well, it is. And here are the easiest ways to do it.

Deregulation debrief – a view from the experts

To kick things off on Day 1 of the RWM (Water) event, Water Plus took part in the panel discussion “Deregulation Debrief – what’s happened and where is the water market heading...

Lessons from Sainsbury’s – successful switching in action

We were excited to be able to co-present with Sainsbury’s Argos at the RWM (Water) event to explain the switching journey we’ve been on together...

The year that changed the Water Industry and what to expect from the future

Day 2 at the RWM (Water) Event certainly didn’t see things slowing down for Water Plus. Our Head of Business Development, Stuart Henderson took to the Utilities Keynote theatre...

Water Market Guide

Read our guide to the open water market to find out what a deregulated water market means to you, the roles and responsibilities of the retailer and wholesaler, and how your bill is made up.

Protecting your business over the winter months

Mark Taylor, Advanced Services Project Manager, share’s his golden rules on how you can reduce the risk of a water incident occurring and ensure your day to day operations continue to run smoothly

8 tips to protecting your business this winter

With poor weather inevitable this time of year, taking action now can save your business time, stress and money.

Fight the freeze – don’t get caught out this winter

Take a look at our winter hub to find out how you can proactively protect your business against burst pipes and leaks during the colder months of the year.

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We love being different, don't you? In our Fresh Thinking Hub you'll find the latest in business innovation and insights to keep your business healthy.

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