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Five hundred more UK trees and renewable energy projects supported

As part of our Cleaner Climate Promise, hundreds of tonnes of carbon emissions will be prevented thanks to tree-planting and renewable energy projects.

Water Plus announces Net Zero ambition

Water retailer and Green Apple Environment Award winner Water Plus announces aim to be carbon neutral across Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2025.

Communities supported by big hearted Water Plus staff

Staff at Water Plus have collected, donated and delivered gifts for children and gathered essential items for families in need this year, raising money for a number of charities...

How saving water can save energy

Going greener at your business doesn’t need to be complicated. Small steps to save water can save energy too, as hot water can cost between 2 to 4 times more than cold water.

Regular water checks on pipes spot issues early

Data loggers and a smart portal have helped a number of sites spot water issues, following a recent cold weather spell.

Peatland restored with Water Plus's support

Water Plus has announced a new partnership with Forest Carbon to restore peatland, supporting the UK in going Net Zero and reducing carbon emissions.

Tree-riffic teamwork tree-planting with SOT City Council

More trees were put into the ground this week as Stoke-on-Trent City Council partnered with Water Plus. The work builds on an existing initiative to plant thousands of trees across Stoke-on-Trent.

Water Plus receives Silver International Environment Award

Water Plus receives Silver at international Environment Awards’ event - and certificates at business awards for helping organisations reduce impacts on natural resources.

Water Plus wins International Green Apple Environment Award

Water Plus has been recognised with an international green award for its leading work helping organisations cut water waste.

Notification: Update on trading licence name use in Scotland

Notice of Application to transfer a Water Services Licence or a Sewerage Services Licence. This Notification has also been published in The Scotsman newspaper.

Mindful Miles Challenge at Water Plus raises money for charity

Staff at Water Plus have stepped, swam and cycled to support a charity and raise awareness around the benefits of mindfulness and moving more.

Customer Service Excellence programme gets started

Customer service teams at Water Plus will gain a national qualification, awarded by The Institute of Customer Service, in a first for the water retail sector.

Smart portal’s deeper water data delivers results for organisations

More than 400 data loggers have been installed in just six months to track water use and identify opportunities to cut waste at organisations in England and Scotland.

Cut carbon by getting wise on your water

Did you know that being wise on water can help reduce your carbon emissions? Barry takes you through how you can reduce the impact your organisation has on the environment.

How water helps your organisation reach Net Zero

There are benefits for your business from reducing water stress - including tax deductions for organisations that invest in water-saving tech! Our head of sustainability tells you more...

More water cutting tech trialled by Water Plus as part of its Commitment to the environment.

The UK's largest retailer will introduce and trial flush-cutting technology at its main office this year. The Ureco system cuts flushes to 4 times a day.

Water from air units start trial at Water Plus offices

High-tech Air2Eau units - which create drinking water from thin air - have been installed at Water Plus's offices in an industry first trial.

Scouts save water thanks to efficiency kit and work with Water Plus

Thanks to working with us, a scout group has added new water-saving kit to their site to help limit their impact on the environment. Find out how we helped...

Supporting charities to help children and families

Staff at Water Plus have paid for more than 200kg of food items to help a thousand families in need. It’s just one of a number of charities that have been supported – and we’ll be doing more...

Water advice for charities and community groups

Looking closer at water use at your charity or community group is worth the time and can save significant amounts of money - have a look at our helpful information and advice.

Trees For Cities partnership

As part of Water Plus's commitment on taking positive action to help the environment, we're announcing a major new partnership with the charity Trees For Cities.

Sports groups’ chance to win water-saving devices to save them money to help clubs

To help grass-roots sports clubs in England save money and work towards sustainability goals, we're offering a chance to win water-saving devices in our new competition.

Rugby club wins our Scotland sports club competition

Linlithgow Rugby Club are the winners of our Scottish sports club water competition - benefitting from free water-saving devices to help them save money and work towards sustainability goals.

VAT and your water bill

Did you know: not everyone has to pay VAT on their business water? It's actually only businesses in certain industries - find out more about VAT, SIC Codes and your water bill here.

Big benefits from looking closer at business water use

Businesses and other organisations may not realise the benefits they can get from taking regular meter readings for their water use. Find out how monitoring water can save money.

How to get your green goals by looking at water use

Using water more effectively can help your business become more sustainable. Find out about schemes, funding, products, and our tips to help you reduce your impact on the environment.

Tips on procuring water in the public sector

Procurement teams in the public sector will have seen requests to meet the water needs of their organisations in the last year - here's advice to help with water spending and water saving.

Reduce winter worries

Changing temperatures and cold weather can lead to burst pipes and water problems - have a look at our top tips to protect your business this season.

The magic of meter reads

Did you know you can send us your own meter readings? And it might just help you save money on your bills....

Water Plus secures public sector water services supplier place for second time

Water Plus have once again secured a place on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework, to supply water, wastewater and ancillary services to public sector organisations across the UK.

Being there for customers

We've been talking to, listening to and supporting customers around the impacts of coronavirus. Here's a look into what we've been doing under the surface, to enhance what we do.

Reducing water supply risks

Our Innovation & Technology manager takes you through water risks you can identify and plan for to prevent cost and disruption to your business.

School water saving tips

For site managers and caretakers, the summer holidays are a great time to make repairs and perform maintenance work - and the same goes for checking for leaks and maintaining the waterworks...

Water tips for temporarily closed businesses

If your business has closed temporarily due to Coronavirus, here's some water management tips from us to make sure your water is safe for now and when your staff return to work.

Summer savers - reducing water demand

When the weather is great, it's important to think about how we all use water. Here's some quick tips from us on how you can reduce your business water use this summer.

Innovation: how thinking differently is helping deliver savings

Barry McGovaney, Technology and Innovation Manager, reveals how innovation is helping organisations of all sizes reduce water use, water waste, and operating costs to enhance sustainability.

Dive into Data: the importance of looking at water use and the benefits for your organisation.

Barry McGovaney, Technology and Innovation Manager explains why this is so important.

Thank you to our Christmas charity sponsors

This Christmas we raised over £1,400 for help-the-homeless charity The Macari Centre - and it's all thanks to our generous sponsors!

Allotment water saving tips

Water is the lifeblood of any thriving allotment. Our experts reveal how allotment owners can prevent water disruptions and keep water bills low.

Businesses unprepared for water outages

According to our new research report, small businesses in the UK are worryingly unprepared for problems with their water supply.

Fight the flood: how your business can prepare for flooding

Did you know that flooding is the most frequent natural disaster in the UK? Here are our top tips for fighting the flood at your business.

Go with the flow: your employees want you to save more water!

According to new research, employers aren’t treating saving water at work as importantly as their workers – and our planet – need them to.

What's so great about an online account?

Using an online service is one of the top ways customers are engaging with businesses. But why do we think online accounts are so great?

How we can support savings for councils

Saving money has never been more important for councils. Saving water is a really effective way of making savings on your utility bills. Here we provide some ways that we help councils save.

Summer water-saving do's and don'ts

Wahey, it's summertime. That means all the good things like holidays, festivals and ice cold drinks are here. Have a look at some of our summer solutions for your business water.

Winning with Water - the quick way to save your sports club money

When you’re involved in running a local sports club having more money to spend on the fun stuff, like equipment for the sport you love, is the ultimate ambition.

Things you didn't know about swimming pools

Being able to paddle from peril might just save your life. We bet you don’t know these things about swimming pools

Why it helps to pay by Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the simplest and most convenient way for you to pay your business water bill. Here we consider the benefits of paying for your business water by Direct Debit.

Should I self-supply?

What could self-supplying water mean for your business? We asked Cornwall Insight, an independent research group, to find out.

Water saving tips for large businesses

Using less water contributes to your company sustainability targets and is an easy way to save your business money. Find out how large businesses can start saving here.

Water saving tips for small businesses

Your small businesses could easily be using 20% less water! Saving water will save you money and it’s better for the environment. So, check out our top tips to start saving.

Water saving ideas for cafes

Commonly known as the go-to beverage for any problem, our beloved tea is an important respite. If you’re a cafe owner, here’s some ideas from us on how your business can save water.

Why is innovation important for businesses?

Disruption is a good thing. That’s right, we said it, sometimes you shouldn’t follow the rules. Find out what innovation means and why it’s so important for your business.

Water saving tips for golf courses

A typical golf course uses anywhere between 378.5 m3 to 3,785 m3 of water per week in summer. That’s a lot! High water use doesn't mean your water bill can't be changed.

How can care homes save water?

Our ever-growing population of people who are living longer is putting pressure on care homes. It’s never been more important for care homes to consider ways to save money and water.

Amazing facts about water

Quench your curiosity with these amazing facts about water! If you don't think water can be fun this will prove you wrong... we bet you don't know some of these.

Wholesaler, retailer and customer responsibilities explained

Since the deregulation of the business water market in 2017 there has been a lot of confusion over who is responsible for what. Here we explain wholesaler and retailer responsibilities.

When water stops flowing

This time last year we were bitten by Beast from the East. This year we want to encourage as many businesses as possible to put a contingency plan in place. We discuss the importance here!

Business water bill prices explained

Every year in April the price you pay for water for your business. We explain what the prices on your water bill mean.

Thousands of businesses affected by water supply loss

In the last year, thousands of businesses across England were impacted by water supply interruptions at their site, but many were unprepared.

Insulate your business from bursts

Mark Taylor, Advanced Services Operations Manager, gives tips of what business sites should consider during the winter months to prevent their operation grinding to a halt due to a water interruption

Why we should drink water at work

Dry January? No thanks, we think wet January is much better. We think drinking the right amount is pretty important - when you're talking about drinking water that is.

How to get a smart meter for your business

Learn how to get a smart meter for your business water with Water Plus & how you can monitor your business water usage, improving water efficiency.

Water saving gadgets for your business

Making your business more water efficient this year will cut water costs, save you money and save water. To kick of a new ‘efficient’ year here’s our list of great gadgets to save you water.

Is your small business ready for winter?

Make sure your small business is ready for winter, take a look at our top tips to make sure your business can fight the cold weather and avoid any unexpected faults.

Manufacturing sector seeing the plus side

We’re now just over a year and a half into the water market being open to competition, so which smaller and medium sized businesses are gaining from its plus side?

Spare a thought for water on your farmland

Farms are the second largest users of water in the UK - and it's a critical daily necessity! So it's worth pausing to give water another thought.

The loss from a burst pipe

Would you want to waste 1,750 pints of beer? You wouldn't want to waste your favourite drink so why would you waste your business water?

Water Plus and Waterwise Partner to Improve UK Water Efficiency

Water Plus has partnered with Waterwise, a national independent advisory group to boost water efficiency for consumers...

Reducing complaints and delays in the market for customers

Andy Hughes, Chief Executive at Water Plus discusses efforts made to reduce the complaints and delays in the market for customers.

The price we pay for rain

Rainfall. Do we have too much or not enough? Either way we can’t control it, but it is free. Because of this it’s perhaps fair to question why businesses have to pay for it to be taken away...

Infographic: Your 4-step guide to look for leaks

Leaks at your site cannot always be seen, or heard. Check out this guide to help you spot for signs that you may have a leak.

Case Study - Kinect Energy Group

Find out why Kinect Energy Group chose to partner with a water retailer to deliver value to their customer in a low margin market.

A review of the water market one year on from the Energy Live Consultancy Conference 2018

ELCC 2018 was the perfect opportunity to present an honest review of what we’ve experience in the water markets first year, and how we see the market developing in the future...

Water incidents - who can help and what you can do to prepare your business

It’s still the responsibility of the wholesaler to provide a continuous supply of good quality water. However, when a water incident occurs and it is now within the power of the retailer to help.

And the ELN 'Personality of the Year' Award goes to…

2017 ended on a high with our Corporate Director, Tony McHardy, winning the title of ‘Personality of the Year’ at Energy Live News’ first Utilities Personality Awards...

Fight the freeze – don’t get caught out this winter

Take a look at our winter hub to find out how you can proactively protect your business against burst pipes and leaks during the colder months of the year.

Protecting your business over the winter months

Mark Taylor, Advanced Services Project Manager, share’s his golden rules on how you can reduce the risk of a water incident occurring and ensure your day to day operations continue to run smoothly

Water Market Guide

Read our guide to the open water market to find out what a deregulated water market means to you, the roles and responsibilities of the retailer and wholesaler, and how your bill is made up.

3 really easy ways to pay your business water bill

Paying your bill. It should be easy, right? Well, it is. And here are the easiest ways to do it.

Lessons from Sainsbury’s – successful switching in action

We were excited to be able to co-present with Sainsbury’s Argos at the RWM (Water) event to explain the switching journey we’ve been on together...

The year that changed the Water Industry and what to expect from the future

Day 2 at the RWM (Water) Event certainly didn’t see things slowing down for Water Plus. Our Head of Business Development, Stuart Henderson took to the Utilities Keynote theatre...

Deregulation debrief – a view from the experts

To kick things off on Day 1 of the RWM (Water) event, Water Plus took part in the panel discussion “Deregulation Debrief – what’s happened and where is the water market heading...

So, who are Water Plus?

Want to get to know us a little better? Great. Let us fill you in.

Getting Started: finding your account number

Can’t find your account number? Don’t fret. Here’s exactly where you’ll find it.

A drop of knowledge from Simon: a look at the responsibilities of the water retailer and water wholesaler

In this blog I hope to explain the difference between the water retailer and water wholesaler, and take a look at their responsibilities in the open water market...

Getting Started: how to manage your business water account online

Pay your bill. Submit a meter reading. Get all your documents in one place. Here’s everything you need to know about managing your business water account online.

A drop of knowledge from Michelle: the business water landscape – how it’s changed and what it means for you

We’re only a few months into market opening so it’s understandable that there still seems to be some confusion about what an open water market actually means to business customers so...

Launching Proactive Water Management – another first for Water Plus at The Water Event

Water Plus will once again be attending The Water (RWM) Event this September. This is our second time exhibiting at the energy event of the year...

Water Plus at the Public Sector Show, London ExCel Arena

Water Plus recently attended the Public Sector Show held in the London ExCel Arena. We led one of the content focused panel discussions, titled “An Open Water Market – Changes for Public Sector"...

Is your revenue safe?

The experts at Premier BusinessCare explain why safeguarding your business with interruption insurance is so important.


To clear things up for you we’ve put together a Jargon Buster which include terms relating to the deregulation of the water market for businesses.

The buyers guide to water procurement

We've put together this comprehensive guide to help you get up to speed and get your business ready for market opening.

Can I switch my business water?

The market for business water in England is changing. And this is great news for small and medium sized businesses.

Which industries are ripe for disruption?

Thinking about starting a business? Get ready to start seriously shaking things up.

13 creative habits of successful business people

Creativity. It’s just about being a bit arty, right? Well no, not exactly.

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