Water use is worth a second thought on your farm.

We've created this page specifically for you. You'll find tips, advice and information about water on your farm, your responsibilities and how you can save water and reduce costs.

In April 2017 the way farmers pay for mains water and wastewater changed. Wholesalers continue to provide water to farm sites through their networks, but retailers now provide the billing and other account management services.

Just like homeowners, farmers are responsible for the water pipes, from the point of the water meter, within the boundaries of their land, so it's worth keeping an eye on your water meter and pipes to spot any signs of a leak.

Some leaks may be underground and not easy to see but, if a leak isn't repaired, you'll be paying for all of the water delivered to your farm site through the wholesaler's network. So it's important that you regularly check for leaks as no-one wants to pay more than you need to.

Small steps by you can make a big difference to reduce water use and the cost of leaks on your land.

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A disrupted water supply can be costly, inconvenient and hugely detrimental to the running of your farm. See the steps you can take to be prepared for interruptions, so you know exactly what to do and where you can get water from.

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Spare a thought for water on your land

it's worth pausing to give water another thought. Here are some easy actions you can take to save water and get more value from your land.

Can data loggers help you?

Have more than one water meter at your farm site and want a better view on your water use? Data loggers on your water meter and across multiple sites provide a flow reading giving a good way to track levels of water consumption, to see where and when water is used, as well as potential areas for savings to reduce your costs.

Submit a meter reading online

Providing regular meter readings on MyAccount means your bills will be kept up to date and not based on estimates. If you have a sub-meter and a water meter it's worth reading both on the same date to track your water use across your farm site.

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