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What happens if I don't pay my bill?
You need to pay your bill within 14 days of the bill date (unless you have a contract with different terms).
If you don’t pay on time we’ll send you a reminder letter – pay as soon as you get the reminder and we’ll take no more action.

If you haven’t paid after 14 days, we’ll charge you a late payment fee.

After this, we’ll have to pass your account to a debt collection agency and charge you the cost.

If your account  remains unpaid, we may arrange to cut off your water supply and take legal action to recover what you owe us.

You can find out more about what happens if you don’t pay here.

We’d prefer not to have to take any of this action, so if you have a bill you can’t pay please don’t ignore it. You can call us to discuss payment options on 0345 072 6072.

Should I be paying VAT on my water bill?
There is VAT on clean water, but not wastewater. Whether you have to pay it depends on what industry your business is in. It’s normally 20%, but some products and services have a reduced rate, nil rate or are completely exempt. It’s businesses in divisions 1-5 of the 1980 edition of the SIC code list that have to pay VAT on their water. Find our more here.

What is a SIC code?
The Standard Industry Classification (SIC)code list is what’s used by the Office of National Statistics to describe the main business activity of your company. In the water industry, the VAT rules say we have to refer to the 1980 edition. Visit our VAT, SIC code and your water bill page for more information and to download the SIC code list.

Can you explain my water bill to me?
Find out all about the charges on your bill here.

How can I pay my bill?
We’ve got loads of different ways you can pay your bill so you can choose the option that best suits your business. Find out more here.

How do I pay my bill online?
You can pay your bill by credit or debit card here. Alternatively you can set up a Direct Debit on MyAccount so that you can spread your payments and make your bill more manageable.

I think my bill is wrong, what should I do?
You can contact us online or call our customer services team on 0345 072 6072.

I used to be a Severn Trent or United Utilities business customer, why am I now with Water Plus?
You can find out more about these changes and view your deemed contract terms and conditions here.

How do I get a quote?
If you are a small or medium sized business you can get a quote online here or call 01782 409641 to talk to one of our water experts. We’ll talk you through the switching process and help you choose the best contract option for your business.
If your business uses a high volume of water or you have multiple sites please contact our key accounts team at or call 0345 072 6073.

What is the process of switching to Water Plus?
Find out all about switching to Water Plus here.

Who can switch?
As of 1st April 2017, all businesses in England and Scotland can choose who they buy their water from. Find out more about switching here or you can visit our water competition page to learn more about the recent changes in the water industry.  

How do I switch to paperless billing?
You can switch to paperless billing by registering to manage your account online, you will then default to paperless billing and will receive an email notification when your bill is ready to view online. If you’re already registered but still receive paper bills then just login to your account and click ‘Go paperless’.

I'm moving out of my business site, what do I need to do?
Let us know on the day you leave a business site or very soon after you’ve left. We can then send you an updated bill up to the date you were at the site. Make a note of your meter reading too, if it’s safe to, on the day you leave to let us know that.
You can complete our online form or email us to let us know. If you email us then we’ll need your account number, business site address, date you moved out of the site and, ideally, the meter reading on the day you left.

What happens if my account is in credit when I leave?
If your account is in credit when you leave us, we'll send you a refund within 2 weeks. If we have to do more work to check your account and credit, it can take us a bit longer, but we'll be no more than 60 days.
Sometimes, we may need to contact you for more information to sort out your refund, such as getting an up-to-date meter read or checking we have your correct contact details. If we need to contact you, we'll aim to do so within the same timescales.

How can I contact Water Plus?
You can contact us online or call our customer services team on 0345 072 6072.

How do I make a complaint?
Find out how to make a complaint here.
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