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2016 – Pre Market opening

The beginning of Water Plus

Go back to 2016 and two water companies in the heart of the country came together, to form Water Plus, in readiness for the biggest change in the water market in 30 years ‘Water Deregulation’. In simple terms the water market was opening for competition, for the first time in our history!

2 companies come together

If you are familiar with the Midlands and North West areas of the UK, you will have heard of the two water companies Severn Trent and United Utilities. Both large water wholesalers that have been supplying water and wastewater services to 400,000 businesses for years.

2017 – The Market opens

A stand alone retail water company

The water market opened for competition on 1st April 2017, and Water Plus became a completely separate water retail company, from it’s parent company’s Severn Trent and United Utilities.

The vision for the future

The future is very exciting for our customers and our people, that’s because we are a fresh thinking company, with lots of energy and passion, on a big mission to give our customers the best service in the marketplace.

Here’s our best bits:

  • Water Experts – We’ve retained our water experts, who understand your business water needs.
  • Product and Services – By listening to our customers, we’ve enhanced our product and services, to perfectly match your needs.
  • Investing in People – We’ve invested in new people, recruited for their friendliness and can do attitude. This has helped to reduce call waiting times and customer satisfaction.
  • Investing in Improvements – We’ve invested in technology, new processes and innovative ideas to improve the service we provide to you.
  • My Account, 24/7 – We’ve developed My Account on our website, so its easy for you to manage your account and pay a bill online, giving you the convenience to do this 24/7.
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